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What Will My New Listing Look Like?

Dan F

On November 1st, Shopify’s app listing format is going to change. This announcement means big changes for Shopify App developers. Everything from new image formats to 500 character descriptions will change the way developers communicate the key benefits of their new app.

Shopify announced these changes by giving us a screenshot of expected changes, which we discussed here. But that doesn’t help app developers visualize what their respective listings will look like once the change is live. What will the 500 characters look like once published? What will my app highlights look like paired with the new mobile image formats?

App Store Analytics has the solutions. We created a free figma template based on the new listing changes for app store developers to use and help visualize their listings under the new format. That Figma template can be found here.

Using the Figma template, paired with our new feature to let developers build their new app listings under the new character limits, you’ll be ready for the November 1st changes faster than your competition and increase your chances of dominating your app category ranking.

App Store Analytics new listing builder

Want more free resources? Check out our free app listing change checklist here

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