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New App Listing Checklist

Dan F

November 1st is an important date for Shopify app developers. There are a lot of changes to prepare your app listing for, and they aren’t all easy to keep track of. That’s why we built a free checklist for app store developers to get ready for the changes on November 1st. This checklist, paired with our new app listing view, and our free Figma template, you’ll be ready for the app listing updates and ensure you don’t lose a step on your rankings and installs.

Plans Are Worthless, But Planning Is Everything

President Eisenhower made this quote famous by emphasizing the process of planning, and not the plan itself. By planning for the app listing changes, we can't assume our plan will ensure we keep or improve our app ranking across our targeted categories. However, it will assure that we have thought through all the changes and how we're going to react to them on November 1st. This way, Shopify app developers will spend less time reacting to the changes, and more time optimizing app store listings.

Here's our free checklist to help ensure you're prepared for November 1 app store listing changes:

Free Shopify App Store Listing Checklist
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