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SASI (Union Works) have acquired App Store Analytics

Sam Henning

We're excited to announce that Union Works have successfully acquired  App Store Analytics!

As fellow Shopify app developers, we understand the importance of continually monitoring and optimising our app listings to ensure that our Shopify ad spend is laser focused. App Store Analytics unlocks those hidden keyword niches and provides insight into what is actually moving the needle when it comes to app listing views and installs.

Having operated the Shopify App Store Index (SASI) for almost 7 years, we felt that App Store Analytics would make the perfect stablemate for SASI, providing developers with the insight they need to optimize their app listing and the tools to monitor the performance of those changes.

What is our plan for App Store Analytics?

Firstly, we want to maintain the great work that Daniel Sims has put into building and operating App Store Analytics. Our aim is to continue to build on the great insight that this platform provides and to continue to support the many developers already using the platform. We’ll be making regular updates to keep the codebase up to date and inline with any changes to the Shopify App Store Listings.

We're always happy to receive feedback and help with any issues that we have control of, so please email us at with any questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

In due course, we’re looking to combine the two platforms to provide a single app listing optimisation tool, providing you with the insight into where your app listing traffic has come from, why and how it impacted installs.

If you have any ideas or feature requests related to these tools, our DM's are always open... as they say.

Thanks for supporting the platform

Alex, Steve, Stu and Sam
Union Works

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