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Did you know about these 2 changes coming to the Shopify App Store Listings?

Dan F

By now, nearly all Shopify app developers have heard of the changes coming to app listings on November 1st. With less text to be used to convince merchants to install your app, videos, images, and the right keywords are going to be even more important than ever before. These changes are quite obvious, however there are a few important once that most will glance over.

New Mobile Image Formats

If your app listing contains screenshots of your app in mobile view, you’ll want to pay attention here. Shopify now requires new sizes for mobile screen shots. The old size of 900px by 1600px (9:16) is being replaced by 1600px by 900px (16:9). Shopify hasn’t been clear on what will happen to the existing image and whether they will be transferred over, but better to be safe than sorry and have your images at the ready by November 1st.

New POS Image Formats

If your Shopify app targets point of sale merchants, this change will also be very important. Once again, we are discussing images and the size changes. Any point of sale (POS) screenshots must conform to the new size of 1600px by 900px (16:9). The old size of 2048px by 1536px (4:3) will no longer be supported.

Want to ensure you're ready for all the November 1st app listing changes? Use our checklist:

Shopify App Listing Changes Checklist


As we mentioned in the introduction, images will become even more prominent in convincing potential merchants to install your Shopify app. Conforming to the new sizes and ensuring your listing is optimized for the new format will be critical to maintaining or increasing your position ranking after November 1st. App Store Analytics can ensure you maintain and increase your ranking with a suite of features such as ranking tracking, keyword targeting, and competitor tracking. 

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