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Feature Highlight: App Store Rankings With a Twist

Dan F

We’re all preparing for it. November 1st means big change for Shopify app developers as we try to hold on to our solid ranking or perhaps take the opportunity to improve our ranking with this change.

Regardless of your position, we have a new feature out that might be of interest. App Store Analytics is re-releasing out app rankings page, with a twist.

The same familiar view will let app developers track their rankings for categories, collections, and keyword searches. You can also choose a custom date range to look at as well.

Track your ranking alongside your competitor ranking across collections, categories, and keyword searches

The twist we think you may be interested in is having the ability to superimpose your app’s ranking alongside your competitors across each category. The reason we think this will be useful for Shopify app developers is that it will allow you to see what effect the listing changes has on your rankings as well as your competitors. If you notice your ranking dropping in the weeks after the change, and your competitor’s is rising, app developers will then be able to use our competitor change log view to track the changes that were made to their listing, and try to also optimize for those changes.

Check out our feature highlight video:

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